Approval of Directives on How to Ensure the Intellectual Development and Perfection of Mature Individuals Less than 18 Years of Age in Crimes Subject to Hadd or Qisas (retribution)


The Islamic Penal Law approved in 2012 has introduced important changes in dealing with crimes committed by people less than 18 years of age, the most important of which is the amendment of Article 91 of this law. In an innovative measure, this article, in addition to the age of majority, also paid attention to age of intellectual (reason) development of the accused, stipulating that “In the case of commission of crimes punishable by Hadd or Qisas (retribution), when adults under eighteen years of age can not appreciate the nature of the crime committed or its legal prohibition, or their intellectual development and maturity are found to be questionable, the punishments provided in this law would be prescribed in view of the age of the perpetrators and the particulars of the case. To determine the development and perfection of reason in an individual, the court may ask for the opinion of a medical doctor or employ any other method it deems appropriate.”

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The High Council for Human Rights of The Islamic Republic of Iran
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