The Best Interest of the Children in Iran

By Hossein Raeesi and Hangama Anwari, Carleton University, Law and Legal studies department

The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the main legal instrument for protecting children worldwide. In addition to the specific provisions of the convention that relates to specific rights of the children, i.e., right to health, education, family, protection, etc., It embodies four general principles: the best interest of the child, the principle of non-discrimination against children, the child’s inherent right to life, survival and development and the right to be heard and be able to express their views freely. 

The analysis provided in this paper is focused on the application of this principle in the Iranian legal system compared to international standards. The paper focuses on the legal protection available for children in Iran. It will assess whether the children’s best interest is reflected in the Iranian legal system and its implementation. 

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